Acadia Outdoors - Climbing Equipment

Camera, Production, Editing, Animation and Post-production

About This Work

This is one of the most engaging projects I've worked on. It is one part of a series of videos I created for Acadia, an outdoors product company. In this video I was very involved in the production and conceptual stages. At the time I was also an avid climber. It was definitely very challenging camera work but also very rewarding to know exactly which angles and shots I needed, since I would be the video editor of this clip. Unexpectedly, I was also required to take charge of all the graphics for this spot. This project was extremely rewarding, because it gave me a chance to integrate many of my skills and passions: climbing, camera work, motion graphics, animation, editing, production, and the joy of transforming an idea into a concept and finally, into reality.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!