The Monkey King


About This Work

This was an amazing photo shoot! I spent three days photographing rehearsals and presentations of Shanghai Community International School's fourth grade production of "The Monkey King". It was a challenge to shoot in very low light, with over fifty children on stage, especially not knowing what was really happening or what the costumes and lighting was going to be like on the first day of rehearsals. It was so different from all the work I'd done before and I was really glad to have that opportunity. I'd been wanting to have the chance to shoot something like this wonderful production. I started with an all around lens (18-250 mm) on a Nikon DX format camera because I really didn't know how many performers were going to be on stage and because the director had asked me to get some really wide shots to better see where more work was needed.

I took some wide shots, but quickly switched to a fast 50mm lens to compensate for the low light. I'm quite happy with the results, but I'll let you be the judge! Enjoy!