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Gurasa Photography

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Welcome to my little corner of the web. A small cozy place where you can view some of my work and get to know me a bit.

What I do

  • Portraits / Events / Products

    Passion, dedication and a different perspective make great photos. A great photo is not only about the image but also about the memories and feelings it evokes. That's what I try to capture in my photographs.

  • Responsive / Mobile / Clear

    A website is a visual and interactive form of emotion. It's not only how it looks but how it performs and feels, and most importantly, what it achieves. Visual order, ease of use, modern designs, great experience and mobility are just a few of the important characteristics I incorporate in web design. Being able to properly display and interact easily and clearly with your content in today's ever growing range of devices and screen sizes is essential to get your message across to your target audience.

  • Video Recording / Audio / Editing

    Weather you want to showcase a product highlight, post a video on Instagram, tell a story, showcase an event or make a full fledged movie, it is a must to have someone who knows and understands how to take your idea from concept to reality. Helping you achieve the look that you're aiming for, staying within budget while still conveying the important concepts and message are my goals. I can help you from recording the video and audio to editing and post production.

  • Audio Engineer / Drummer

    You spent months putting together a band, composing and rehearsing. Now you finally get that dream gig you were waiting for, your big break... You start playing and realize in shock that the audience is walking out in the middle of the show because they can't stand the feedback, can't hear the vocals and the drums are too loud... These are just a few of the things that can go wrong in any performance. Why leave the sound of your band in the hands of someone new every time you go out and play a show? I strive not only to be your sound man but to also to optimize your final product to make it the best it can be. Count on me for going the extra mile to ensure your performances sound better than a CD!

Some of my work

Monkey King

The Monkey King


Acadia Climbing

Acadia Climbing Equipment

Camera, Editing, Animation, Post-Production

Acadia Equipment

Acadia Camping Equipment

Editing, animation, post-production

Acadia Kayak

Acadia Kayak

Editing, animation, post-production


Fundación Una Mano Amiga

Corporate video

Red Bull

Red Bull - Giants of Rio

Water - Underwater Cameraman

UN Day

UN Day at SCIS


Caminando/Sigma Flamenco

Featured Video

Sigma Flamenco / Caminando (Melendi Cover)

Who I am

Gustavo Salas

Gustavo Salas

Life-lover, Tech-addict, Adrenaline-junkie, Computer-geek.

More About me

A recent arrival to New Zealand with my Kiwi partner whom I met while we were both living in China. Born in Venezuela but spent some years living abroad, I am a Native Spanish and English speaker along with some French, Italian and Chinese survival skills. My work is mainly oriented towards multimedia production, with experience in Web design, video, photography, motion-graphics, sound, editing and event production.

I have over ten years of experience in different roles, both in management and implementation. I have worked for international networks such as Televisa México, Discovery Networks, Globovision and Red Bull. In China I worked in corporate video production for a large training center.

One of my greatest strengths lies in having an excellent understanding of my client’s varying needs, which is a result of having worked across different departments within the wide scope of my industry. I am always striving to further enrich my knowledge and experience and create meaningful connections while helping make the world a better place.

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